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Due to diversity of breeds and coat conditions we will access your pets needs at time of drop off and discuss your pet's grooming.

Prices are dependent on: Breed, Size and Coat condition, Type of coat and Choice of service

  • Bath and brush starts out at $14.99 and then it is dependent on size, type and coat condition
  • Short cuts start out at $39.99 (includes haircut, bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, bows or bandanna, and fragrance)
  • Long cuts start out at $49.99 (includes haircut, bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, bows or bandanna, and fragrance)
  • Specialty cuts start out $49.99 (lion cuts, mohawks etc...)
  • Deshedding available price will depend on breed and coat condition
  • Nail trimming service $9.99 (done while you wait)
  • Nail filing an additional $5
  • Nail painting available with any service
  • Gland excretion $10.00
  • Specialty shampoos available: flea, hypo allergenic, degreaser etc...
  • Coat moisturizer for all coat and skin types available
  • Toothbrushing -$10.00

Skin problems or shedding too much ? Try our all natural mud bath!

Mineral mud bath-pamper your pet with a mud bath its all natural and organic. It helps to remove impurities, exfoliates the skin and rebuilds the coat. Helps heal skin from allergies. It is the best deshed service we offer. Add this to your bath or grooming package.

GOLD PACK -bundle your services and save !

Gold pack includes: specialty shampoo of choice, coat moisturizer,and tooth brushing for $15

Hair dying available with an appointment

New for 2016! Bundle packages will save you cash while still getting top of the line spa treatments like:

Metro Gold: $15.00

Specialty shampoo, Skin and coat moisturizer, and tooth brushing

Regularly $30.00 utilizes natural ingredients that do not strip the oils from your pets skin or coat

Metro Silver $10.00

Specialty shampoo, conditioner and nail file

This package is coat specific and does not strip oils, utilizes hypo allergrnic and citrus cleansing


New clients receive 10% OFF first visit.