About us


Metropawlitan is a full service grooming salon where walk ins are welcome all day everyday. Here at Metropawlitan each pet becomes familiar with a personal groomer from reception to completion. We believe this method improves the pet/groomer relationship and makes for a happy, well-adjusted pet.

We start with a hands on scrubbing bath and massage. A hands on treatment allows us to notice any issues that you may not be aware of like small tumors, skin irritations, allergies, etc. and will be brought to your attention.

There are no hot air blowers here! Pets are hand dried and then blown dry with warm to cool forced air blowers and fans. Grooming will be in two major phases. The first rough cut before they go to bathing followed by the grooming cut. A fresh clean coat allows a smoother groom. Each pet is done on a first come first serve basis. Appointments are done as they arrive. There are many grooms each day so please be patient as there may be others ahead of you.

Pets that require just a bit more attention will take longer. We take our time with these babies to ensure their safety and lower stress levels.

We are here because of our love and concern for dogs. Rescues and adoptions have been part of our life since childhood.

Come on in and see us! You’ll see the difference.

New clients receive 10% OFF first visit.